We have experience in different kind of companies in the field of telecommunications, banking, transportation, medicine, among others, we have a large number of projects carried out as a reference


Below is a series of projects in different technologies. We value above all the quality and innovation, offering an agile and close service, responding to the needs at all times.

PMS (Payroll Management System) - NEC

PMS is a payroll system, its main function is to generate salary receipts for government employees. Based on the characteristics and monthly news of each employee. It has a site administration portal and a back end process for massive emission.

OSB Integration - Telefonica de Argentina

Fusap participates in Telefonica de Argentina by integrating the Amdocs software with the rest of the existing systems in the Company. For this, we use Oracle Service Bus as middleware. This project began in 2014, and is still ongoing

Scienza mobile - Scienza

Mobile and web platform for the health industry in order to facilitate the affiliates relationship with the Company. Among its objectives is to make more efficient the management of digitized documents for recipes and medical records, generating a communication channel with the affiliate.

Telecom Argentina – Middleware Integration

Through our software factory we develop interfaces to integrate Telecom and Cablevisión different systems, through monthly partial deliverables. This OSB middleware project is developed remotely with established processes.

RhPro software - Gestión Compartida

We worked on salary receipts design and development for Payroll Management. RhPro is a software product that allows companies and organizations to manage their human resources more efficiently, becoming a provider of solutions for the management of Human Capital.

Banco Central de la República Argentina

Customized developments are carried out from scratch as well as improvements in different BCRA applications , such as loan operations, auditing operations of private banks, handling of banknotes stock, with updating to the accounting system and functional analysis of processes.

Stock Management - Scarfoni Hermanos SA

Management system for stock, orders, remittances and invoices. It allows the control of stocks and transfers that are available to important private banking entities in conjunction with the traceability of their vouchers.

Intranet – Hendel Hogar

The project carried out for Hendel Hogar consisted of developing an intranet in Sharepoint online with impact on the communication of all company areas, which included sections for Human Resources, Administration, Finance, Systems and Marketing.

Chemical Safety Data Sheet - Ciquime

We generate the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) online. It is a mandatory document for the chemicals transport. It is automatically generated based on the compositions and concentrations that you want to transport, you get the documentation on the prevention and how to act in case of accidents.


Fusap has more projects in different methodologies and areas, if you want to know our experience on a specific technology or target market, you can consult our commercial email to obtain more details or know other projects in the field.