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General assessment of main action lines involved in the execution of technological projects.

It allows us to reduce the uncertainties that arise when a project starts to have a clear roadmap.

It delves into the business' needs, functional requirements, processes, computer systems and technological platforms, in order to define a diagnosis that describes "today", "where you want to go", "and the necessary steps to achieve it".

01. General requirements

It defines functional and non-functional requirements. It defines the limits of the project.
  • System roles/actors
  • Main modules and/or functionalities
  • Screen prototypes
  • Main activity diagrams
  • Integration with external systems and/or hardware

02. Technological platform

It defines the technology guidelines in terms of product and project.
  • Overall architecture
  • Technologies, frameworks and tools
  • Security
  • Persistence
  • Server scheme (Cloud / OnPremise)

03. Project stages

It defines the stages of the project according to the business dynamics.
  • Possible stages
    • MVP Delivery Phase. First functional deliverable
    • Delivery Loop. Continuous product evolution
    • Support & Maintenance
  • Deliverables for each phase
  • High-level work schedule, tasks and dependencies

04. Working team

Definition and organisation of the working team for each stage.
  • Roles and responsibilities of the working team members
  • Participation and effort of the members according to each project stage.
  • Methodology development
  • Ceremonies and development phases per deliverable

Project articulation


Minimum time:
  • 4 to 6 weeks


Minimum team:
  • Project manager
  • Functional analyst
  • Technical architect



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